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Mark Ryan stars as the voice of Lockdown in Michael Bay's Transformers 4 Movie.  This means that Mark has voiced THREE of the battling robots  - Bumblebee, Jetfire and now Lockdown and worked on all four movies of the multi-bilion dollar earning franchise.

"Think you were born?! You were BUILT, and they want you BACK!"

"Lockdown is easily one of the series’  most memorable and interesting Transformer characters. A Cybertronian bounty hunter armed with advanced weaponry and a ship full of otherworldly beasts, the villain is unimpressed by ongoing Autobot/Decepticon feuding – adding unique perspective to the series’ two-sided conflict. After Megatron’s repeated attempts at enslaving Earth, Lockdown’s ambivalence toward humankind is a refreshing change of pace – especially given the antagonist’s unwavering focus on his assigned mission and unconcerned with the ramifications".  


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"If there is a downside to the episode, it is the absence of Mr. Gates, the ships Quartermaster and Flint’s oldest friend. The hardest thing to watch last season was his murder by Flint, however regrettably it was done. Gates was the soul of soulless men. Someone who knew exactly who he was and what he did for a living. If we are lucky, his ghost will haunt Flint’s psyche in the future. One of his last monologues is often quoted but I will end with it here because it not only sums up the man, but the future of all the souls that hit the beach of New Providence, Nassau."


Sinful Celluloid  


Mark Ryan is starring in STREET - coming later in 2015. Click here to find out more.

'No monuments speech' - Black Sails, Series 1

hold fast

If you have followed Mark Ryan's amazing career, you are going to love his new autobiography, 'Hold Fast'.


Released in June 2015 in e-book format initially, the amazing adventures of this 20th Century Renaissance man have to be read to be believed!


Excerpts are available to read at the publisher's website.  Buy the book here:  Mythwood Books


“Massive credit goes out to Ryan for fully bringing out every quality in Gates this season, from the attractive natural charisma of the character to his weary, war-torn demeanor in the quieter moments when Gates is contemplating his situation. The second season will surely miss him”.


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