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Mark Ryan stars as the voice of Lockdown in Michael Bay's forthcoming Transformers 4 Movie.  This means that Mark has voiced THREE of the battling robots  - Bumblebee, Jetfire and now Lockdown for the multi-bilion dollar earning franchise.

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Music from Singer/Songwriter/Actor Mark Ryan and co-producer Rob Vallier's musical adaptation of Emily Bronte's "Wuthering Heights" is now available for purchase and download on the iTunes Music Store and CDBaby.


The six original songs are also available for streaming:


Ryan penned eighteen songs based on the novel and is currently working on a screenplay for theatrical release.

wuthering heights

"Think you were born?! You were BUILT, and they want you BACK!"

See Mark's new 'Conventions' page to find out where he is appearing next.


"Lockdown is easily one of the series’  most memorable and interesting Transformer characters. A Cybertronian bounty hunter armed with advanced weaponry and a ship full of otherworldly beasts, the villain is unimpressed by ongoing Autobot/Decepticon feuding – adding unique perspective to the series’ two-sided conflict. After Megatron’s repeated attempts at enslaving Earth, Lockdown’s ambivalence toward humankind is a refreshing change of pace – especially given the antagonist’s unwavering focus on his assigned mission and unconcerned with the ramifications".  


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