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Black Sails

US premiere of Black Sails is set for January 2014.



This 9-part STARZ series has already been commissioned for a second outing!  Mark Ryan plays Mr Gates, the right-hand man of the pirate Captain Flint.  Set 20 years before the events of Robert Louis Stevenson's epic  Treasure Island, Black Sails charts the exploits of Flint and his men.


As Ryan says:  'This is not A pirate series, this is THE pirate series.'




Mr Gates


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"If there is a downside to the episode, it is the absence of Mr. Gates, the ships Quartermaster and Flint’s oldest friend. The hardest thing to watch last season was his murder by Flint, however regrettably it was done. Gates was the soul of soulless men. Someone who knew exactly who he was and what he did for a living. If we are lucky, his ghost will haunt Flint’s psyche in the future. One of his last monologues is often quoted but I will end with it here because it not only sums up the man, but the future of all the souls that hit the beach of New Providence, Nassau."


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