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Hold Fast – A Hollywood Pirate's Tale


By Mark Ryan & John Matthews

It would be virtually impossible to invent Mark Ryan. In his life he has been a soldier, a singer, a TV star, a Hollywood actor, a private investigator and an advisor to various law enforcement agencies. He has written a book about the tarot, taught soldiers how to uncover secrets and actors how to fight, as well as working for some of the biggest names in Hollywood. And all this time he has followed a code of living and a philosophy that enabled him to survive many different kinds of danger.


Now, in collaboration with New York Times bestselling author John Matthews, a long time friend, Mark tells his amazing story. Beginning in 1999, when the ending of a disastrous marriage left him feeling ready to return from America to the UK, Mark found himself drawn back into a world he thought he had left behind when he resigned in 1997 from his unique position as a highly vetted operator in the British Army’s Intelligence Corps and Special Operations community. Invited to help an old friend and veteran SWAT police officer, now running a Private Investigation company and dealing with a complex international extortion case, Ryan soon found himself risking life and limb in the hunt for South American money launderers, threatened by lethal corporate blackmailers, searching for murdered Israelis in the vast deserts of Nevada, consulting with various US agencies engaged in “state-of-the-art” counter-terror operations in the wake of 9/11 and helping some of the best known names in Hollywood deal with a variety of celebrity “issues.”



All this time he continued to pursue a career as an actor, singer and swordmaster, working on such blockbuster movies as ‘The Prestige’, ‘First Knight’, and ‘King Arthur’. Few knew of his secret ‘other’ life, and the dangers and thrills it brought in its wake. Yet, the two strands have continued to overlap, enabling him to bring his acting skills to the art of detection, and his army training to teach actors to fight better on screen. Recently he has become a familiar name as the voice of Bumblebee – the best-loved robot in the ‘Transformers’ franchise, and found himself travelling the world, signing toy replicas of the famous yellow car. He is currently to be seen in the character of Mr Gates in the Starz TV franchise ‘Black Sails.’



This book tells an amazing story, full of danger, tragedy, laughter and heart. Hilarious adventures, pulse-pounding escapades, and stories of his encounters (and friendships) with a gallery of Hollywood stars, make this one of the most unusual and entertaining theatrical autobiographies of all time.


Hold Fast will be published, initially in eBook format, available for Kindle, Kobi, iBooks and Android, in March/April 2015. A limited print run and special edition are planned for September.




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