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At the end of May 2018, new data protection regulations come into force in Europe.  The GDPR is designed to harmoise data protection leglslation throughout the EU and is all about ensuring that YOUR data is kept safe.


We do not have a 'newsletter' sign up on this website, therefore you will receive no regular communications from us.


We use 3rd party software - emailmeforms and htmlcommentbox - both of whom have Privacy Policies and conditions of use that ensure your data is kept safe.  If you wish to have your comment removed from the Visitors' Book, for example, please use the contact form on my website and we will delete that for you.


Our Contact form is used to handle your query and for no other purpose.  We do not store, share or sell your data. We never have and we never will.


The server for this website is within the EU and therefore the data stored on that server will comply with GDPR.


As far as we are aware, we are complying with the incoming GDPR - but if you think we should be doing something more, please let us know (again using the contact form)