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Transformers 4

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"Lockdown is an interesting character. He travels the galaxy, he works for somebody else. And he's here for one person, one alien, and then he's out of here," Bay gushed while speaking to Entertainment Weekly. "He is kind of messed up when different species play with different species. And that opens up a whole other gigantic world for Transformers."


Bay even shared his thoughts about Lockdown's mysterious ship, which is seen for a fleeting moment in the trailer.


"Lockdown's ship has a lot of meaning that can go into other movies. There's a lot of backstory about that ship that's not laid out here," he said, adding: "You're going to see a few things where you're like 'What is that? And what is that?' And you're going to see a couple shots like, 'Wait a minute, who are they?' But we don't answer those questions."  


See the transformation from Lamborghini to Lockdown


And how about a little more Lockdown?




And dinosaurs? Why not?!

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